It's All About... Them.


It all started when…

I’ve definitely have had a fulfilling life so far.  Looking at my Instagram feed I’m reminded of how fortunate I have been and how many experiences I’ve accumulated in my soul.

To write an autobiography will be lenghty and you probably won’t read it here.  It’s in the works as a movie, though.  I’ve been working on the script for a while but it’s hard to write an end to a movie when the life it portrays is still vibrant and seeking new adventures and experiences.

These are my kids.  The love of my life.  They keep me company and accompany me through this journey.  They make me laugh and keep me young.

As for my other adventures, I can say this; Try everything at least once and don't believe what they tell you.  Experience life by yourself.  That's the only way to know if you're going to like it or not.  

You'll know my About along the way and we will enjoy the process together.  My blogs and Videos will unveil my past and showcase my present.  As for the future... Who knows!

Life is a competitive sport.  You can't stay at the sidelines!