September and Hurricanes

September and Hurricanes

Do you remember?


September came and went. With it, the peak of Hurricane Season for us in the Caribbean. After María last year we were definetly hoping for a quiet month and it delivered. We’ve had our share of systems getting close and the rain associated with it, but nothing major. This meant not having to tie the boat down or take the sails down, something I wasn’t looking forward to.

The Cool Change, under its previous owner, survived Hurricane María tied down at the exact same Dock it is now. No damage, except for a small scratch from the sailboat tied next to it.

Not too much sailing these days

Nevertheless, September has meant, due to bad weather, more time at the Marina and less time at sea. I’m even exploring the idea of moving the Cool Change for a month to a Marina in San Juan. This would mean though fewer sailing days, at least to the beautiful islands to our east. The only reason I’m considering this is due to the fact that I go to San Juan everyday and the trip by car sucks! I believe it’s close to 8 hours from Fajardo to San Juan on the sailboat, so let’s see what happens. Besides, one of the Marinas do not allow liveaboard, but I can stay every weekend. Isn't thtat kind of a liveaboard? Go figure!

Commute and Audiobooks

The only advantage of the one-hour commute each way is that I get to listen to Audiobooks and Youtube while driving. This week I found a great Audiobook by Dr. Michael Greger titled "How not to die" and it is mindblowing. Not only have we've been eating the wrong foods, but even the Government, big Pharma and so called "Non-Profit" Organizations promote this way of eating and they feed us whatever smells like profit for them. Just follow the money. I'm putting together a summary of important items to consider when looking for what to eat for specific ailments and conditions. A must read. The Audiobook is about seventeen hours long, but then again, I have my commute time for it.

Spiritual Connection

As for my blog post "Spiritual Connection", I have new information that I will share with you soon.

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