Life is Short....

How to live your life to the fullest

Well… it’s time for my second blog post.  It hasn’t been easy.  The first blog came out as I was flying from Miami to Boston to watch my son play Soccer.  I guess my inspiration comes when I’m in flight.  Something about losing oxygen, gets my neurons fired up and I’m ready to write my next novel

The Sailing Pilot

Now, I’m writing while floating on the Marina.  A different feeling altogether.  I’m a sailing pilot.. and I follow Leonardo Da Vinci’s motto: “For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return.”

But tonight’s blog takes a full different meaning.  I’m getting settled into my new floating home and making friends at Pier 8.  Puerto Rico is a very small village.  You meet someone who grew next door and people that are meaningful in your life for some reason or another.

This is for you my dear late sister

This all comes to Mari, my sister.  She’s been around for the past couple of days and weeks making her mark.  I just learned that my new friend at Pier 8 lives at the same street as Marisol and she actually sold the house they live at to them.  She’s been a catalyst in a way to the decision I made to move into the Cool Change.  Life is short.  Enjoy it while you can.  Everybody tells you that, but no one makes anything about it until is too late.  She was a great sister, and even though she was younger than me, she always looked after me.  My Guardian Angel.  And she’s still there, and I feel her more than ever.  Love you sis.

Writing this second blog post hasn’t been easy.  In order to help you help me write this, I will disclose the topics I have to share with you and you decide what you want to read about.  Not everything is about living on a sailboat.  Maybe when I venture into the open seas and sail to the Mediterranean Sea (and maybe this is a one-way), I will have more to write about.  I can go on and on about all the the things I’ve fixed.  If that’s what you’re looking for, please write a comment and I will gladly share the details with you.  I’m not saying this won’t come up, but I see this more as a life blog with some twists and turns.

I’m guided by my soul.  Besides, “I’m not this body.. I’m not even this mind”. I’m much more than that!.

This week will be my first venture out past Palomino.  A trip to Culebra.  I’m ready and prepared but I don’t know what to expect.  Just as my first solo fight on a Cessna 152.  Either your land it or your history.  Is all up to you!.. And that’s how you must look at life.  It’s nobody’s fault, no excuses.. It’s all up to you… and the buck stops there.

Living the life on the boat

After three months and countless hours working on the sailboat, I’m loving this more and more.  Today I visited a restaurant long-visited.. our “Cheers”. It hasn’t changed…. But I have.  I’ve made a new life for myself.  Different to all the “social standards”… and that’s a Cool Change.

In 1994 I made a parenthesis in my life.  I quit been an Architect after 10 years and bought a bookstore “Paréntesis” thinking that is was a short parenthesis in my life.  It lasted many, many years after that.  It’s going to be 20 years now since I closed the bookstore, and boy, how things have evolved.  No regrets.  New experiences everyday.  I’m open to  countless more!

Maritinga.. This one is for you.  Love you always!  Miss you A LOT!!!.

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