The Vegan Sailing Pilot

Vegan and Sailing

Long before the sailboat became a desire and then a reality, I made the decision to start a vegan diet.  Some say vegan and sailboat don't go together, but then again, this wasn't my first "weird" (on everyone else's eyes) choice in nutrition, I must add.

Going Vegetarian in my 20's

About 30 years ago I decided to ban red meat out of my diet.  It was a choice based on some health data I read and it made sense at the time.  I kept at it eating poultry and fish and some Serrano Ham and Chorizo once in a while.  (For a Spaniard, this isn't red meat).  Time passed and it became my way of life.  It was easy to follow.

When I turned 50 and visited my family in Spain with my daughter, I 'had' to break my no-red meat promise to some lamb chops over wood and shoot prepared by my cousin Meche at my mom's birthplace, La Bastida, Vitoria.  They were spectacular!

Red Meat and Gout

I continued my red meat eating habits and all of a sudden I developed gout.  Since I don't take medicines or visit doctors, I turned to the internet to find out what was causing the gout.  Misleading and confusing information all around, I took matters into my own hands and prepared a concoction that I drank every day while I kept the same lifestyle.  Gout came and went, but I was able to notice when it was flaring up and I controlled it with my 'medicine'.  (Get the recipe HERE)

Plant-Based diets and documentaries

I started watching the new trend in vegan and vegetarian documentaries; "Cowspiracy", "Food, Inc", "Fork over Knives", "What the Health" and others.  The evidence was clear!  Animals are being slaughtered at an alarming and appalling rate for our consumption and THIS was an issue for me.  Besides the cruelty, it became apparent that eating animal protein was a leading factor in many common ailments.  Since, like I mentioned, don't take medicines or visit doctors, I decided that the best route for me was to follow Hippocrates words: "Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food".  Gout is gone and I feel great, so I see this choice as preventive medicine.  I'm not a radical, veggie evangelist and Veganism is not a religion for me.  It's a simple choice, a conscious choice.

Some people believe this or that because they are afraid to try and seek, and most of all, they are afraid to admit they don't know shit.  And this is fine.  No ONE has the truth in their hands.  We are all alive, thus we must live on our own terms and by our own credo.  To each its own!

And so, I try things and take what works, when it works and release what it doesn't work when it no longer serves me.  Only by trial and error we learn and grow.