Finding The Perfect Blog Topic

Finding the Perfect Blog Topic

When I started this blog almost two months ago, I visualized it to be a blog about the sailboat, sailing, living aboard a sailboat and technical issues. All that goes into running and fixing a floating home. For some reason it has taken an unexpected turn every time I sit down to write. It became more personal and more spiritual. The last blog skyrocketed and it’s now number three in views. I’ve always written from the heart and from inner inspiration. I allow it to flow.

Mental Block

This has made it so much difficult to write this one. I postponed it one day to see if inspiration came. I meditated this morning searching for something to say. Nothing came, or at least not as powerful as the last post.

Sailing blues

 Following # 3

Following # 3

I haven’t been doing much sailing recently and not much boat fixing either. I kind of got used to living on the boat by now and since I commute to San Juan everyday, boat matters have taken a second place. I commute everyday to pick up my son at school and take him to soccer practices. Last week I was busy preparing the Gazpacho to sell at the Market and to fulfill some orders that came afterwards.

When truth sinks in



I calculated that I’ve taken the boat out an average of 5 days per month for a total of 22 days. Not much. I wish it was more. I guess this is something to consider when moving into a sailboat. Walking out of the boat on a beautiful day to my car makes it hard. I long for long trips like the one to Culebra. Go out and explore our nearby islands. All in time as they say.

Last blog’s revelation was powerful in many aspects. The search for more information still continues but with a different outlook. I will keep you posted on any new developments.

Have a great one!