Acting in Films, TV and Theater


It’s been a quiet year for my acting career. Mostly my choice. Adapting to the sailboat and the one-hour commute and how to manage both and audition timing in San Juan wasn’t at all well organized on my end.

Curtain Up!

I had my first casting call this year today and it felt good. I liked being in front of the camera again and doing something I love.

How it all started for me.

It all started 8 years or so ago. My son Guille expressed some interest in doing commercials and I took him to a couple of Talent Agencies in San Juan I was able to get referrals to. Once there, I ventured with him and filled out some forms for myself. I had done some acting in High School, but nothing formal. I’ve always said that a Masters in Architecture prepares you for much more than Architecture. Surprisingly, calls started coming and I was sent out to casting calls and gigs. I started booking extra roles in Hollywood productions on the Island, roles in local productions for film and local commercials. I really liked the experience. In a short time I was doing a webseries with some friends called "Karr's Pull".

Acting Classes in Puerto Rico and New York

 Lillian Hurst Acting Class

Lillian Hurst Acting Class

It progressed after that and small roles kept coming my way. I decided it was time for some acting classes. I went in and studied with Teófilo Torres and Lillian Hurst in Puerto Rico. Later on, in 2011, I started traveling to New York on a regular basis. I met Casting Directors, Talent Agents and Managers and began going to auditions there.

Meisner Technique

In 2015 I spent a month in New York and studied Meisner Technique under Ted Bardy and Glen Vincent. By that time I’ve already produced and directed three short films I’ve written and performed in two local theater productions.

I’ve been searching lately for my next venture, my next adventure and my next project. It’s easy to see now that Acting and Filmmaking must continue its course in my life. It's easy for me to reinvent myself and jump from one project to the next, usually in very different arenas and that has worked for a while. I wonder sometimes what would take for me to follow through and continue something I'm passionate about without sabotaging it. I've done it several times along the way and I'm not proud of it, but needless to say the experiences have been awsome and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Following your Passion

Life is meant to be lived. When we say What’s our Purpose in Life we think on this god-given grand plan that we must accomplish in this lifetime. Needless to say, most of these Grand Plans end up in mass extinctions and wars in the name of religion, creed and personal orientation.

I’m not saying a Purpose in Life is not important. I believe we should have a North and plot our route, but most importantly, never forget that the journey is what’s important.

 New York viewed from DUMBO

New York viewed from DUMBO

Like I say to my kids when they come sailing with me and it takes us an hour to where it usually takes them 15 minutes on a power boat. It’s the journey, not the destination!

Happy Sailing!