The Alchemist

Reading the Omens

Last night I went to buy a book and “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho was number one. I’ve read it at least two times and every time brings a positive view of life.

Birthday Week at the Valdés

This week is special and relevant since three of my four kids, the boys, have birthdays coming up. Eduardo turns 28 today, Fernando turns 13 tomorrow and Guillermo turns 26 on Sunday. Beatriz, the only girl and an Aries, like me, deserves her own week. They have been my motive and inspiration. They are my companions along this journey we call life. I really love them.

The Alchemist

I’ve included a summary of The Alchemist from the website gradeserver as an introduction to my blog.

“Upon leaving the Gypsy's house, Santiago sits in the Plaza to read a book, where he meets an old man who is eager to strike up a conversation. It turns out that the old man not only knows how to read but has read the book that Santiago is struggling through. The man reveals himself to be Melchizedek, the King of Salem, and he introduces Santiago to what he calls "the world's greatest lie." The World's Greatest Lie states that fate prevents one from achieving his/her Personal Legend. Everyone has a Personal Legend, or something which he/she has wanted to achieve his/her entire life. Personal Legends come from the Soul of the World and this Soul of the World conspires to help everyone achieve them. Unfortunately, fear and routine get in the way. Melchizedek explains to Santiago that he appears to those who truly want to realize their Personal Legends: sometimes he appears as a stone, sometime he appears as a king. Melchizedek seems to be able to read Santiago's mind and promises to tell him about the treasure in his dream if he gives him one-tenth of his sheep.

After much deliberation, Santiago decides that his sheep, the merchant's daughter and the fields of Andalusia were just steps on his way to his Personal Legend, and so he decides to sell his flock and gives six to Melchizedek right away. Melchizedek takes the sheep and advises Santiago to always follow the omens, for they are the language of the universe. Melchizedek also gives Santiago two stones, a black stone called Urim (meaning "yes") and a white stone called Thummim (meaning "no"). Santiago is to consult these if he cannot understand the omens. Santiago buys a ticket from Tarifa to Africa and sets sail to find his treasure and his Personal Legend.”

Finding Urim and Thummim

 Urim and Thummim

Urim and Thummim

In 2014, during my second reading of The Alchemist, in one of my morning routine walks along the beach when I was living in Ocean Park, I came upon two stones, side by side; Urim and Thummim. They appeared like magic once the wave receded back into the ocean. The Soul of the World conspired and gave me these two stones to help me make a decision to continue my journey. I have never consulted the stones. I always try to read the signs and have continued along the way pursuing and realizing my Personal Legend with each new adventure. Embracing change and never settling.

Realize your Personal Legend and don’t let fear and routine get in the way. The Soul of the World will conspire to help you make it happen.