Six Months living on a Sailboat

Six Months living on a sailboat

50 Hours of Sail Time

 Life at the Marina Puerto del Rey

Life at the Marina Puerto del Rey

Forty-Four motor hours later and with 50 hours of sail time under my wings, I can honestly say this is just the beginning for me and the Cool Change. It’s been six months since I jumped in, took the plunge and decided to move 40 miles away from my comfort zone and in to my sailboat. Going back to doing some statistics, I’ve done 7.3 hours average per month in six months. Also, that’s 26 times/days that I’ve gone out in six months or an average of 4 times per month. I can’t say if it’s too much or too little, since this is my first experience on a sailboat for that matter, but I thought it was going to be more.

Stuff you don't need

What I can say is that I still love my life on the Cool Change. I love living in my cozy little pad, with only the necessary things and not missing stuff I don’t need. ALERT: I just did an inventory of my ‘stuff’ and I still think is way too much considering that I only wear a couple of things each week and besides I still do laundry every two weeks at the marina. Something has to change.

WTF! - Do I own all this?

  • 12 long pants
  • 23 shirts
  • 7 shorts
  • 8 polos
  • 24 T-shirts
  • 7 bathing suits
  • 8 golf shirts
  • Some socks
  • 6 shoes
  • 2 tennis shoes
  • 2 Flip Flops - What I really use everyday!
  • Don't buy stuff you don't need

    To put it into perspective, take a look at the photos. This includes the closet, two drawers, some space underneath a bench in my stateroom and storage spaces within the salon for kitchen and groceries items. I always said that if I moved out of the sailboat it was going to be with only a small suitcase, but now I realize I was wrong and I need to change it fast. It still fits, but it is too much and that’s all the space there is. It’s easy to see now that the more space you have to store shit, the more of it you will buy.

    Start Sailing (Living)

    If you want to sail faster and farther, you gotta get rid of shit. Throw it overboard and start sailing (living).

    Food and Meal Preparation on your Sailboat

    As for food and utensils, I’m maxed out. The pantry holds so much and so does the refrigerator/freezer. It’s about being practical when shopping at the supermarket. Don’t think you’re going to eat all that. Just buy what you need at the moment and plan accordingly. I’ve managed to stay within those parameters mainly since I’m by myself. When I have guests over on sailing days, I mostly buy beer and ice! :). It gets hot in the Caribbean, but I do prepare some vegan options, (for myself); hummus, refried beans and bean salad and for my omnivorous friends I do have land and sea dead animal products that I prepare gladly.

    Routine Maintenance on your Sailboat

    Working on the boat has subsided a little bit after I dealt with getting to know the sailboat and fixing what came about when I moved in. I still do routine maintenance to keep everything in working order and since I’m here full time it’s easier to work on it at the moment.

    Keep Sailing!

    Looking forward to six more months and more to come.

    Sail away!