Winds of Change

Trust and let go!

Let the Wind take you.

I was able to sail on Sunday for three hours with no destination, just following the wind. It made me wonder. Why sail where you want to go and not to where the wind is willing to take you with the least amount of effort. A go with the flow kind of thing. Trusting and letting go.

Yesterday and today I was able to get to the Marina at 5pm. The commute is much smoother and besides, you get to watch a great sunset while sipping one or two Margaritas at La Cueva Del Mar. I’ve felt good, exhilarated and amazed with so much beauty. But to tell you the truth the natural beauty is all around us all the time.

Let Real Life Dictate Fiction

While my joy and happiness abounded, I still came to grips with reality. My biological mother’s birthday was on Monday. She would have been 85. That story is still evolving and is feeding my writer’s vein into a great movie. Besides, all movies are based on real events. That’s how you come up with great scripts. The writer’s life, emotions and experiences take life on the silver screen. Also, I still miss my sister a ton! She would have loved this stage in my life. She loved each and everyone of them.

Winds of Change

After six months, I may be moving my home closer to home. Time has come to be closer to my daily life, my kids, my parents and my day to day activities. I’ve been commuting everyday back and forth for six months. I don’t regret my move to the sailboat, but living an hour away it’s hard sometimes. I first complained about the commute, about the traffic lights, about how bad they drive in Puerto Rico, but after writing the first paragraph above I just came to realize that I was going at it all wrong. I wasn’t letting it flow. I’ve trying to outpace everyone, faster and faster and I was hitting all the red lights. These past couple of days, I just sailed along and it has been much easier and joyful. A good audiobook or Youtube video makes the trip smooth and entertaining. Let go of control.

This is going to be a temporary arrangement in which I will keep my stake in both marinas and move my home around as needed. Priceless.

You will see and read more about it soon!

Thanks for keeping up with my stories.

Happy Sailing!