Because you are the lead actor in your life.


As an Architect, Entrepreneur, Airplane Pilot, Filmmaker, Actor and Sailor with a passion for personal development and human growth I bring value to your life experience by sharing my life experience.

 Directing "Cama para tres" (Threesome)

Directing "Cama para tres" (Threesome)


I was born in Spain and raised in Puerto Rico.  I am an Architect, Pilot, Entrepreneur, Filmmaker and SAG-AFTRA Actor.  I have been involved in various industries after practicing Architecture for ten years and opened a bookstore (Paréntesis) in 1994 which gave way to my interest in personal development, human growth, spirituality and overall human potential.  Father of four excellent children who give reason to my life.

I have created three TV Pilots and three Short Films as writer, director and producer:

Entreparéntesis (1998), Feng Shui, MD (2007), Viviendo Verde (2009), Good News (Short-2011), Contéstame! (Answer Me! - Short 2012), Cama para tres (Threesome - Short 2015).

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